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Speak up God, I can’t hear you!

30 Jul

I have a five year old nephew, he’s great. He has a great love of life, constantly wants to play, I honestly don’t know where he gets his energy from.

The only problem is, is that he’s at the age of asking questions. Obviously this is great, because you know his brain is soaking everything in. It does however, test my patience threshold. Why? Why? Why? But why? Of course my  “because it just does!”, holds no weight with my nephew. He is always after answers.

But I am exactly the same with my Father God, I need answers and I need them that exact minute. Not only that, but it seems that when I’m looking for direction from God, I need something that’s on the scale of Moses’ burning bush or God speaking to Job through the storm. Christians sometimes find it difficult to determine God’s will for their lives in certain situations, Gideon had his fleece, come on God, give me something!
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Faithful Dave

26 Jul

A good friend of mine called Dave has up until recently been on the fabric team at his church. He provides me with much amusement as he recounts how, he’s not very good at using power sanders, and causes the leaders of the team to pull their hair out in frustration, as Dave struggles to flex his DIY muscle. The church is in a period of restoration and I find myself laughing as Dave tells me the only responsibility he is allowed to have, is screwing in light bulbs.

Of course, the majority of the situation is jest. The church and the fabric team are glad he has been involved (if its for nothing more than his acute sense of humour). Dave will freely admit DIY isn’t his strong suit.
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The Wilderness Experience

21 Jul

A lonely man, close to death, close to the end. Sweat dripping from every pour. He stumbles on in the relentless heat of the never ending day. He looks to the horizon for some relief but finds none. Dry, unyielding desert as far as the eye can see and beyond.

It’s the hopeless imagery mustered by that one word – Wilderness.

It’s the very experience Moses points the Israelites to in gently reminding them of some home truths.

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Elders…. or Star Wars characters?

20 Jul

They perform a thankless job. They are every bit as important to the vision and direction of the church but don’t get the spotlight like the minister does. No I’m not talking about the legendary ‘church committee’ (said as if it were a superhero). The elders!

I’ve always wondered what an elders meeting is like, when no-ones around, and their true beings come out. I imagine they all wear long purple robes, and float into the meeting like celestial beings. Not a word is mentioned because they are operating on a slightly different spiritual frequency, they of course have telepathy. Prayer times would be a lot of low ‘mmms’ and hymnal ‘aahhhs’.

But with the rather distorted mindset I have, it seems that churches are being led by a group of guys that resemble star wars characters:

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All hail the Church Members Meeting

20 Jul

How great is it to be part of the local church? I mean really, a ready made family with all kinds of people in all walks of life. It’s no wonder Gods word encourages believers to meet together in one place.

Ah the church, how sweet it to spend time in your presence, together as one. Of course there are times when you would rather be somewhere else. Times when you feel like just throwing your hands in the air and giving up.. “why do I bother?” suddenly crosses your mind. Nothing creates that knee jerk reaction than the infamous “church members meeting” (said in a big booming voice with thunder and lightning accompanying it).

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The F Card

19 Jul

The first song I ever bought was Jason Donovan ‘sealed with a kiss’… I’ll give you a moment to digest that. I’m not proud of, I’m not sure what I was thinking but there it is. I like to think my musical taste has moved on but I have to confess I have owned a bewitched album since that time. But despite the odd mistake in my purchases and for the purpose of this post it’s the sad honest truth.

Apparently my film taste isn’t much better (according to a certain someone). Again I’ll be honest, yes I have ‘step up’ and ‘you got served’ perhaps even worse I liked them. Quality soundtrack, breakdancing – what’s not to like??!!! It was a moment of weakness!

So maybe I do make the odd faux pas with my music and films but I won’t hide it. I’m definitely not proud of those choices but I won’t run away from them.. so ner!
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Wikipedia Christianity

18 Jul

The internet is a wonderful thing, I have grown up along side this technical wonder and have witnessed it explode into the biggest database of information known to man.

The ease in which anybody can create a website is phenomenal which is why we have amazing sites dedicated to things like the history of a tree grown on a deserted island, devoid of sentient life.

This of course is slightly dangerous, mainly because you don’t really know who’s come up with the information and how. Highlighted in no greater way then the open source, information database ‘Wikipedia’.

Most people will make Wikipedia their first port of call to find answers to whatever question they are stuck on. But Wikipedia of course, is open to anyone, to write anything on any subject.

And if it’s a subject we know little about who are we to argue?

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