Being a Godly Man: The importance

4 Aug

Yes that is a picture of ‘Anchormans’ Ron Burgundy in an article on being a Godly man. It wasn’t that I felt this blog was lacking a bit of ‘stay classy san diego’. He is heading up this post as, when I think about what it is to be a man of God, I have the spoof character of Ron burgundy, who embodies all that ‘real men’ should be, in my head. And who could resist with the mans ethos:

“I’m a man who invented the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That’s what kind of man I am. You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science”.

As Christian men we are right to be put off by chauvinistic, proud, arrogant, masculinity. The world view of a ‘real man’ pushes, big muscles, big salaries and big personalities.

Of course our society has not balanced that extreme, but run to the opposite extreme. In order to compensate for the Page three generation and forge a softer, gentler male, men have been weakened and feminised. So to be a man in today’s world, men have to make a choice between being either a knuckle-dragging gorillas or little school girls.

It is becoming more and more challenging to live a Godly life, especially for men, it is even more important to live Godly lives because of the leadership positions they hold in the family and church.

But I’d like to start this little mini series by stating that I don’t think it’s our struggle with societies view of what a man should be, that is the problem. After all, the majority of young Christian men have, at the very least, a notion that the worlds mould for a man is not the same as Gods.

The biggest problem we Christian young men face is, laziness. We are surrounded by a world that specializes in the various arts of inflaming selfishness and encouraging laziness. We have lost what it means to serve and work. We believe the lie that it is better to have a servant than to be one. We have been seduced by laziness. 

Timothy tells us that you should “train yourself to be Godly”. (1 Timothy 4:7). We are to train, to work up a sweat, to push ourselves to work hard at being Godly. No room for laziness!

We all as Christians strive to be Christ-like, but by creation man is intended by God to be a head, a head willing to sacrifice himself. To serve, the church, friends, family, wife/girlfriend, children, work colleagues. And yet men have been seduced to sell their manliness for the television remote. They have a massive responsibility to be a man of God, to be the head, to sacrifice and are answerable to him for their actions.

Although I am writing these few posts on being a Godly man, I am in no way implying that I’m there and have all the answers. You couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact all that I will say will probably come from my experience of getting it wrong and how not to be a Godly man. I have screwed up more times than I can remember, I constantly am seduced by all the world has to offer, I am quite possibly the laziest Christian man alive and struggle to be all that God wants me to be. Just thought I’d level things with you!


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