Wales – Holy Land?

22 Sep

As Christians, we can imagine the great places in the Bible, the places that Jesus went to. we can even visit them today, and I’m sure sailing on the Sea of Galilee, walking the streets of Jerusalem, and viewing the empty tomb stirs something deep within us as we see first hand many of the places that we are told about, and we would perhaps consider Israel, our very own, ‘holy land’.

But something has been bothering me. You see for all the great experiences you would have, imagining scripture unfolding history before you, I keep wondering if there is somewhere else. Somewhere that is maybe even more holy… Could it be that, perhaps, here in the UK, God is slowly creating a slice of ‘heaven on earth’?

The answer quite obviously is Yes! (After all, if the answer was no, there would be no point to this post, and I would have thus, wasted a significant amount of time, thinking and writing about the fact there is no holier place on earth – but I digress). Ladies and Gentleman, let me bring to your attention… WALES!

That’s right you heard me, Wales. The country that brought us leeks and sheep, I believe is the place to be when it comes to being holy. Quite frankly, if you have not visited Wales, your score is pretty low on the ‘scale of holiness’ (yes, there is a scale, you’re church may not advertise it, but the church leaders have one… and they’re watching you!)

Perhaps you’re thinking how is it possible that a nation that gave us Tom Jones (devil hips – no lusting please ladies!!!) could be a sanctuary of godliness and piety. Examine if you will the evidence:

The last great revival
Of course we know that the Lord is always at work, but do you know the last time, we as human beings responded in such a way that would grip the nation? 1904, Where? That’s right IN WALES! In the face of such thinking as Karl Marx and Charles Darwin, 1904 saw the start of people turning to God. Why would Wales see a revival? Because it is such a holy place!!! The revival even got it’s very own musical in 2005 (extra points for the ‘scale of holiness’ if you went to see it).

Everybody can sing
There are two things the welsh are good at, rugby and singing. Now the rugby isn’t particularly holy but is there anything more beautiful then hearing a welsh person sing. Is it the diet? Does everybody have singing lessons from before they could walk? There is something supernatural about a country where everybody can sing… and not just pub karaoke sing, but really sing. Angelic voices, to the point where you have to grow suspicious and ask, are they being blessed because Wales is so holy?

Christian camps
What could be more fun as teenager than spending a week in a tent with your mates, having the time of your life. Mix in some Bible teaching and terrorising the leaders and you have a Christian youth camp. And Wales have them in abundance. It’s the place to be! All summer long, youth camps are being held in the land of Wales, entire villages and towns are being emptied of their young people. Hundreds, thousands flock from England to tread the sacred hills and breathe righteous air, the young people know it!

Bible Conferences aplenty
Is there a better holiday then having a week to chill out and be taught more about God? Of course not… and guess what? The biggest, the best, the crème de la crème of bible conferences are held in Wales. From Aber to New word alive. If you want your event to be truly awesome, to squeeze every last drop of righteousness from Holiness central you must be located in Wales… FACT! Maybe it’s the walks you will go on, maybe it’s the beautiful scenery you will take in but suddenly you will be pondering life and your role in it. A Bible conference in Wales will pick you up, look you deep in the eyes, give you a big hug and then send you off back home. Sure you had great teaching, sure you had time alone with the Lord, but my friends it is because Wales is so holy that you get that Christian buzz (you know what I’m talking about).

I think I’ve proven without doubt, the new Holy land is on our doorstep. Wales, we salute you – you are holier and deserve a Christian high five or side hug – whichever you prefer.


3 Responses to “Wales – Holy Land?”

  1. Linda September 23, 2008 at 8:31 am #

    Interesting thought… any idea how Holyhead (although we pronounce it holly) and Holy Island get their names?

  2. Yoda October 24, 2008 at 9:31 pm #

    It’s true, it must be. The place names are as unprounancable as the AV Bible!

  3. Blank Fax Cover Sheet January 25, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

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