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Becoming an adult

8 May

I’ve had an unsettling feeling for some time, I wasn’t quite sure what it was until recently.

I was best man at my cousins wedding and after I had done revealing the gory details of our childhood, my uncle put his arm around me and said “I just realised that you two are no longer the young boys playing football in the garden anymore”. And then it hit me – I was old! well at least I was an adult (which when you’re ten years old, anything over twenty one is classed as old!).

For years we are part of a family unit – our mums, our dads, are our guides, our conscience. We did what we were told; we went where our parents went. We knew our boundaries and we grew as individuals based around those boundaries, combining this with our own life experience and the lessons life has taught us in our short existence on earth.

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