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Being a Godly Man: Masculinity

9 Sep

The roles of men and women fit together in God’s plan and complement one another perfectly. We were created equal, yet different. God has distinctly made us the way we are for his purposes. You don’t need to be a genius to work it out. You don’t need to be a Bible scholar to understand that. You just need to have kids! Or at the very least have spent time with kids.

I have a young niece and nephew. Whenever I see them I get a different reaction. My niece is a dainty little thing, shy and unassuming, a real girly girl. My nephew on the other just wants to wrestle. He enjoys getting his butt kicked (actually more like kicking my butt!), he wants to tumble around!

We couldn’t be more different, and just as God has a will and purpose for Christian women, so he has a will and purpose for us Christian men. To be real men of God!
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Being a Godly Man: Attracting a Christian girl

7 Sep

Does everybody seem to be hanging around in two’s? does it seem like the whole world has already paired up and you are the only one left standing? I bet it seems like the whole world is in couples! Welcome to singledom!

So this is your situation. Everyone seems to have a partner but you. You’d like to have one. I mean, you’ve been waiting patiently on God. You’ve been faithful and trust him and his promises. Surely there’s someone out there for you, but they’re not just going to fall from the sky into your lap are they??!!! Be great if they did, but I’m sure there’s some health and safety issues with that concept.

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Being a Godly Man: A Pure Mind

13 Aug

“We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more worries for a week or two….” Sure you might be grimacing in despair as you wonder how Cliff Richard managed to creep onto this blog – but we all know you were finishing off the rest of that line, at the very least attempting an impression of sir cliff.

You may have issues with Cliff Richards music (I can’t say I’m much of a fan), but you surely have respect for the man who is Mr. Pure? Existing in an industry that has money, women and the whole world thrown at you to fulfil your every desire, this man has led a somewhat shy life, out of the spotlight and free of accusations and gossip.

I struggle to write on this subject. You see, I can’t imagine Sir Cliff ever having the thoughts and struggles that I do. In fact I worry that I am alone in this struggle. The struggle of a pure mind.

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