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Speak up God, I can’t hear you!

30 Jul

I have a five year old nephew, he’s great. He has a great love of life, constantly wants to play, I honestly don’t know where he gets his energy from.

The only problem is, is that he’s at the age of asking questions. Obviously this is great, because you know his brain is soaking everything in. It does however, test my patience threshold. Why? Why? Why? But why? Of course my  “because it just does!”, holds no weight with my nephew. He is always after answers.

But I am exactly the same with my Father God, I need answers and I need them that exact minute. Not only that, but it seems that when I’m looking for direction from God, I need something that’s on the scale of Moses’ burning bush or God speaking to Job through the storm. Christians sometimes find it difficult to determine God’s will for their lives in certain situations, Gideon had his fleece, come on God, give me something!
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